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Review of the board game Dorfromantic – Zing

Review of the board game Dorfromantic – Zing

The relaxing game Dorfromantic is among the games that manage to win the hearts of players with its specific gameplay. Finally, this game was also released on disc, so now we have the text for you to see how this adaptation works.

  • Number of players: 16
  • Game time: 60 minutes
  • Price: 899 CZK (Tlama Games)
  • Age: 8+

Your task in Dorfromantika is to create a picturesque landscape.

In the box that houses Dorfromantic as a whole, there are a bunch of tiles waiting for you to work with. In it you can find both quest tiles and landscapes. The game is played in such a way that each player can reach a hexagonal terrain tile or an equally large piece that represents a challenge during their turn. What’s interesting is that you only have to add mission parts until at least the third turn, and only then do you have a choice.

You can always consult with other players in Dorfromantica on how to place the piece. However, the final choice rests with the player currently on the move, which can cause a bit of difficulty with more dominant teammates. A newly added board, by its logic, should always follow the existing space. Another factor you will have to deal with is that it is not possible to add railroads or streams to existing points without an associated square containing the same motif.

An alternative is to leave this side empty and thus create a starting point for the railroad or stream. All other types of terrain can be added at your discretion, so you can create very beautiful landscapes. As a result, there is no need for individual species to follow each other. However, in order for you to successfully complete your tasks, it is good to think a little ahead when connecting boxes. Completing tasks is, at least in my opinion, the alpha and omega of Dorphomantics.

You also place a different numbered task token each time you place it on a task tile. This determines the number of squares of a given color that must be connected to it to complete the task. For example, if you have a water card with the number five or six, you need to create a long stream. Interestingly, using one stream you can easily create more points by connecting to it another that requires more volume when executing one order.

But if you’re doing a specific task in Dorfromance, you’ll need to think about keeping the space open until the task is completed, which of course can be achieved by simply playing around with how the piece is placed and making more use of its potential. . Flag points can be treated as special fields that you can benefit from again. You place tiles until the terrain tiles flip over or one of the other end conditions occurs.

Once this happens, it’s time to score. During it, points will be added up for completed tasks, closed areas with flags, as well as the longest railways and streams. In short, there is a lot to add here. The moment you have calculated, you can transfer your success to the campaign sheet, where your progress is presented, and through it you can also open real cards, in the depths of which new components are hidden, which will increase your replayability and may also help you along the way to a higher final rating.

You can also enjoy Dorromantic solo.

The cooperative board game Dorfromantic works very well in my opinion. This gives fans of the video game the opportunity to immerse themselves in the game and relax a little while playing. The game is designed for 1-6 players, but I personally enjoyed playing it best when playing solo as there were no distractions during setup afterwards.
Personally, I would therefore recommend turning to it primarily for fans of non-competitive games who want to take a good break from any competition or clashes while playing on the board. If you belonged to this group, I probably would not be afraid of this piece. It will definitely give you a refreshing gaming experience.

For providing a copy of Dorfromantik We thank the Czech distributor Tlama Games.

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