CD Projekt is considering licensing The Witcher and Cyberpunk to mobile game developers – INDIAN

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More games from all over the world may be created in the future witcher And Cyberpunk. CD Projekt RED is considering licensing its brands to other mobile game developers.

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Michal Nowakowski, CEO and board member of CD Projekt, admitted as much when a caller asked him during a Q&A. However, a plan has not yet been developed, nor has it been established how touchscreen licensing will occur. The first option is to give someone The Witcher and Cyberpunk for a one-time fee. The second option is profit sharing.

“Yes, we are considering such a step,” Nowakowski said when asked about licensing mobile game developers. He added that some negotiations have already taken place, but there is nothing to announce yet. When the time comes, he will reveal himself.

The Witcher has already peeked into the world of mobile games. It will be released in the summer of 2021. The Witcher: Monster Slayer inspired by the hit Pokémon Go. The title was created by Spokko, a studio owned by CD Projekt. However, support for the game ended at the end of 2022, and the servers were shut down last summer. A mobile port of the spin-off map was also released for Android and iOS. Gwent and individual extensions Crownbreak. In this case, support ended in the fall of 2023. Cyberpunk has not yet considered smartphones and tablets.

Today we also learned that CD Projekt RED has transferred most of its staff to the development of the new Witcher. But the Polish company is also working on other projects.

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Source :Indian TV

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