Two “Witchers” are in pre-production stage, three more projects are at the concept stage

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CD Project Along with financial results for the past year, he also revealed the status of work on five projects. The farthest one is a full-fledged continuation of The Witcher, or rather the first part of a new trilogy. Project Polaris The company currently employs more than 400 people and will reach full capacity this year.

The second name at the pre-production stage is project. Sirius, also The Witcher, but is a spin-off created by CD Projekt’s The Molasses Flood team. There would have been significant layoffs at the studio and a complete reboot of the game, but nearly 40 people were still involved in development.

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At the concept stage the opposite is true. remake of the first Witcher, which CD Projekt entrusted to Fool’s Theory studio, which has, for example, the recent The Thaumaturge. Similar continuation Cyberpunk developed by the new CD Projekt team in Boston. Last but not least, the Polish studio is also preparing new IPHowever, the brand itself is at the very beginning of its journey.

In terms of finances, CD Projekt earned $308 million last year with a net profit of $120 million. Compared to last year, the figures increased by 29 and 39%. The high values ​​are due to strong sales expansion. Phantom Freedom For Cyberpunk even the basic version of the game.

Source :Indian TV

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