Without PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Putin wants to produce his own game consoles and laptops in Russia – INDIA

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European and US sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine are also felt by Russian gamers, who are losing the opportunity to buy traditional technologies such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch game consoles.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to please gamers and has instructed his government to study a way to produce its own gaming consoles and laptops in Russia. Russia is even planning to create its own operating system and cloud interface for playing games and using programs.

Russia wants to develop its domestic gaming industry without foreign companies that left its market after the start of the war in Ukraine, stopped selling their products and closed their services. The plan is drawn up for five years, and the game console should go on sale between 2026 and 2027. Experts fear that Russia, thanks to China, will copy the current consoles of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Many experts are shaking their heads at Russia’s plan and reminding failure with your own game development engine. In 2022, the federation wanted to create a national video game engine to provide it free of charge to Russian developers. But later it turned out that the engine was too expensive for Russia. It was planned to spend one billion rubles on development. They were allegedly offered by a mysterious investor. But since then there has been silence.

In addition, since last year, Russia has been trying to promote more games created by Russian developers on BRICS territory (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates).

As part of this initiative, an event was held in the Russian city of Kazan at the beginning of the month. first “Games of the Future” tournament. The competitions were divided into physical and digital. More than 270 teams from 107 countries were expected to take part, and the tournament had a “global audience”. At least, this is what Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko says, speaking of enormous success and inspiration for the whole world. The competition lasted almost two weeks. The next year should take place in 2025 in another country. Possible candidates include Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

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