A new expansion has been released for Arma 3

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Although the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive is currently mainly engaged in development of the expected Army 4, so it doesn’t mean that developers are forgetting about already released games. For example, we recently informed you about the release of a new update for Arma: Reforger, running on the new Enfusion engine.

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Now, for a change, Arma 3, which is over 10 years old but still popular among players, received a new paid version earlier this week. extension called Reaction Forces. As with all recent additions, it is being developed by an external studio. In this case, it’s the Rotators Collective, who released the Western Sahara DLC in the past.

The newly released Reaction Forces expansion brings multiple single-player and multi-player scenarios, in which you will encounter new military equipment, weapons, vehicles and other unique equipment. Worth noting, for example, are several variants of the Cougar helicopter, new types of mortars, drones and uniforms, or a pickup truck called the Moose, which can be equipped with various weapon systems. The Arma 3 Creator: Reaction Forces add-on is available on PC (Steam) for 8 euros. You can watch the trailer in the preview above.

Source :Indian TV

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