PlayStation Plus will offer an interesting event in April that is not selling very well – INDIAN

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If you like non-standard actions, but you, like many others, did not believe the magical news from the author of Call of Duty, then you will be able to play it in April thanks to PlayStation Plus Essential. Sony will add two more games to it.

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This is a single-player first-person action game. Immortals of Aveuma for PS5, telling the story of Jack. He joins an elite order of battle mages to save a world on the brink. Your weapon will be a variety of offensive and defensive spells. There are more than 25 of them in total.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Immortals of Aveum also comes to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play in the near future. Because of the failure, Bret Robbins had to fire half of the employees of his independent studio Ascendant, the game was published by Electronic Arts through its affiliate program. Robbins views failure as underestimating competitors. On the other hand, the former developer explains the failure of the concept itself; shooter for one player. Our review is here.

This action strategy Minecraft Legends will be able to please everyone who craves something new in the familiar cubic world. It’s important to say that the game ended support earlier this year, it remains active but will not receive any new updates, let alone any additional content.

And here it is Skull: Hero Killer (PS4). It’s an action-packed 2D platformer with roguelike elements, an ever-changing map, and a growing arsenal of abilities. Your mission is to save your demon brothers after a failed attack on the Demon King’s castle. The problem is that you’re a lowly skeleton.

This trio of games will be available on PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium from April 2 this year.

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Source :Indian TV

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