The first Polda is now available on Steam

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Developers from the Zima Software studio yesterday released the first part of the famous adventure series Polda on Steam. Initially, the game was supposed to arrive in the Valve store only on April 1. The price of the title, originally published in 1998, was set at 4 euros. A new version available in both Windows and MacOS versions and includes several new features, led by assistance and the ability to quickly move the main character.

“Even with the ongoing campaign on Polda 8, we are not loitering or idle! The original Polda 1 has just been released on Steam. It is fully compatible with new Windows and MacOS. New features are also added here, such as spacebar assist or Pankratz’s fast movement. Plunge back into action with Policeman Pankratz and shake your mind.” introduces developers to the appearance of the first Polda on Steam.

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At the same time, a campaign continues on the Hithit crowdfunding platform in which the authors are raising money for the development of the eighth volume. Fans have already done it contribute 1.9 million CZK. With another month left in the campaign, it is likely that they will eventually be able to raise double the original funds requested.

Source :Indian TV

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