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A cult classic doesn’t come along every day. And certainly not the ones that have permeated the wider gaming consciousness years after their release. But that’s exactly the case with the original Dragon’s Dogma. A twelve-year-old open-world RPG that is beloved by players for its unique ideas. And although it took a while, the long-awaited sequel is finally here. So what will it look like when these great ideas are taken again and combined with a bigger budget, a bigger team and new technology?

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I would describe Dragon’s Dogma 2 as one of those rare games that isn’t an epic sequel right from the start. but like some kind of second attempt. The second part makes it clear from the very beginning that it will cling to what made the first part so special. And so you will find out for yourself whether you have dozens of hours ahead of a hot candidate for the game of the year; or something you can safely ignore. Because both camps will likely have a pretty big crowd.

As in the first part, we now also have to take on the role of the so-called Risen. More or less a good guy who lost his heart trying to stop a dragon attack. But at the same time, he gained something. Not only will he automatically become the ruler of the kingdom here at such a moment, but he will even be given the opportunity to rule. “pawns” are pawns. In short, something in the spirit of a servant. But be that as it may, everything will not be as rosy as it seems. Soon you will find yourself in a neighboring kingdom as a slave. Why, who and how? You’ll have to figure this out on your own. The story changes direction several times, there will be political intrigue and other classic fantasy plots. I myself admit that, despite the interesting idea, the main story in the finale did not really excite me, God knows how much, and I rather paid attention to most other things.

I would describe Dragon’s Dogma 2 not as a “hero game” but as an “adventure game”. The gradual discovery of the world and the desire to find one’s place in it again by heart the whole experience. You will meet a variety of characters who have their own ambitions and reasons to help you or oppose you. In addition to the inhabitants of cities and villages or soldiers, this kingdom is also inhabited by bandits and, of course, many monsters and animals. But how you get there and what you experience is to some extent up to you. While the game can be more or less played by walking from place to place as it guides you, the real fun is when you step off that paved path; when you yourself take on the role of just one of the wheels of a giant living colossus that the game offers you with open arms.

Simply traveling through the world often leads to unpredictable quests or even moments that you’ll remember more than that well-crafted cutscene for hours. As an excellent example of such a living world, I can point to a rather interesting event in the first hours of my game. I hiked a fairly miserable route on my way to one errand and then set up camp to prepare for the next part of the hike. However, shortly after the break, I encountered a character fighting one ogre. I could ignore them, but what kind of hero would I be? I immediately went into battle with my three pawns side by side, and although things were far from smooth, there were no serious problems. But it was a mistake to think.

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