TOP 10 cases when developers shot players – INDIAN

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The fact that the developers have a sense of humor is evidenced by a bunch of hidden Easter eggs. But sometimes this is not enough for them, so they decide to troll players in different ways. And today we will look at the TOP 10 such cases.

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High on Life shouldn’t be taken seriously… in fact, it shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. The entire game is designed to make the player look badass, and therefore isn’t afraid to completely break the fourth wall. So it’s no surprise that the developers are making fun of us here. And quite often. A great example is when you forget to pause the game. A talking weapon will ask you if you are in the toilet by chance… But more interesting is the room with a training video, where you will be given a task. withstand a whole hour of real time, open the door to further learning. Now you’re probably wondering why the hell anyone would do this… but what if you get anything in that hour? And do you know what happens if you actually wait? The door does start to open, but… oh, something goes wrong and the door gets stuck. But no, what a shame.

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Source :Indian TV

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