Repair of broken and bad Payday 3 has begun – INDIAN

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A month and a half ago she was a developer Payday 3 A rescue operation was called to get the cooperative shooter back on his feet. The goal is to make Payday 3 a better game than Payday 2 because it was the previous installment that players started returning to in droves. The problem is not only bugs, imbalance problems, but also insufficient content.

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The first step to improvement is a fresh update. This brings approx. 300 fixes and improvements in terms of gameplay, graphics, new features as well as new content. It features support for DirectX 12, Nvidia Image Scaling (NIS), Nvidia Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA) v3.5, and Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) v3.5.

For this it is available new Cook Off challenge. The task is to capture 19 bags of methamphetamine. If you succeed, you will receive a unique pendant for your weapon. The problem is that it’s on Overkill difficulty.

Full list of changes here. Operation Medic Bag, as the updates are called, will continue in the coming weeks with small patches with various changes.

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Source :Indian TV

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