In Respawn’s canceled Star Wars shooter, the Mandalorian bounty hunter had his own nest – INDIAN

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Two weeks ago, thanks to unconfirmed information received by the Insider Gaming server, we learned what a first-person shooter from the world of Star Wars from the creators of Titanfall and Star Wars Jedi from Respawn Entertainment has to offer. We first officially learned of the game’s existence in early 2022, with relatively solid details appearing on the server, mostly related to the fact that the shooter would focus on an unknown Mandalorian bounty hunter (rather than the Mandalorian protagonist). live series), during or shortly before the era of the original film trilogy.

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But yesterday it became clear that publisher Electronic Arts has decided to cancel development of the game so that Respawn can fully focus on the battle royale Apex Legends, other potential in-house projects and Star Wars Jedi. And although This isn’t the first EA Star Wars game to be cancelled., this move was simply surprising. At the same time, if you want to know what the project could have contained if development could have continued successfully, you’re in luck. Insider Gaming is once again ready to provide more details on the contents of the recently canceled game.

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Source :Indian TV

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