Confused Silent Hill 2 remake in final stages of development – INDIAN

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The first gameplay demo of the remake of the second part of Silent Hill left a bad taste in my mouth. The gameplay footage was impressive embarrassedgraphic page outdatednotorious atmosphere of fear she disappeared and fight exhausted And uninteresting. According to unofficial information received by Dusk Golem insider, the video should be from an older version.

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So there is hope for improvement. Although the Twilight Golem undermines her with another message. According to him, he is working on a project small group of developers. The rest of the management of the Polish studio Bloober Team (authors of Layers of Fear and The Medium) should have been allocated to another project. They may not be needed when needed. Silent Hill 2 Remake has been in the final stages of development for a long time. This was recently confirmed by producer Motoi Okamoto of Konami.

“We are in the final stages of development. Unfortunately, I can’t say much at the moment. As we mentioned earlier, we are very cautious about any changes. We remain true to the original name. However, we are making adjustments in some areas that need to be improved over time.” Okamoto said this in an interview with Famitsu.

Most likely, Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released this year. Sony also mentioned a modern remake on its list. The game will be available for PlayStation 5 and PC. Only in 12 months the game may appear on other platforms, including Xbox Series X/S. It was stated in the last video.

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