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After parting ways with EA, the FIFA brand is associated with 2K Sports – INDIAN


In articles and reviews dedicated to the series FIFA There is often a desire to increase competition, which will force EA to innovate more. These players can wait. There is a hint that in 2K Sports they took the opportunity to obtain a FIFA license from Electronic Arts.

Last year, after almost 30 years, EA’s partnership with FIFA ended when the American company did not agree to an increase in licensing fees. Instead of a new FIFA part, a game was released last year EA Sports FC. There wasn’t much to see in sales, with the game regularly topping the sales lists.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the moment of the break with EA, he spared no ammunition and declared actual war on the publisher. It must have been in development at the time. more games licensed by FIFA. However, until now there have only been dubious blockchain-related projects. If 2K did get the license, it could significantly stir up the still waters of football. Of course he’s here Electronic football from Konami, but after the transition to free-to-play it is quite invisible and who knows how it will turn out UFL And Goals.

He still needs peace. So far, the connection between 2K and FIFA only comes from a tweet from a famous insider. Kourakasis He previously revealed Take-Two’s Judas in the same subtle way and previously hinted at Bethesda’s Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

2K Sports regularly presents NBA 2K, WWE 2K and PGA Tour 2K. Players also want NHL 2K back. So, let’s see what the publisher of Grand Theft Auto decides to do in the future. He is said to have big ambitions in the world of sports, and a FIFA license will certainly fulfill them.

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