Ubisoft has revealed the approximate release dates for Assassin’s Creed Red and Star Wars Outlaws

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Representatives of Ubisoft disclosed financial results for the past quarter as part of the publication approximate release dates for two expected games in the form of a new part of the Assassin’s Creed series with a temporary subtitle Red and the upcoming action adventure Star Wars Outlaws.

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Star Wars Outlaws in collaboration with Ubisoft will be the first to attract attention confirmed release this year. Not long ago, in connection with a title from the Massive Entertainment studio, rumors appeared about a release in May. However, this date has not yet been officially confirmed.

In the case of Assassin’s Creed Red, which is set in feudal Japan, Ubisoft executives have revealed that the game will be released. until next March. While a late 2025 release cannot be ruled out, due to the traditionally important pre-Christmas season, a release this fall seems more likely. However, a possible delay in the release of both games cannot be ruled out at this time.

Source :Indian TV

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