Gordon Ramsay also appeared in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Among great role-playing games, Baldur’s Gate 3 is certainly one of them, creating a main character is a more challenging task for some players than finishing the game itself. The possibilities at this stage are almost endless, as evidenced by the latest community creation. One of the players managed to create a character that at first glance gives the impression that this is the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay. He became famous primarily for his undiscussed and cruel remarks about the dishes created by the contestants, in which he acted as a judge.

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However, the creator of this Czech beauty, Jirkislo, did not only create him. For example, in the past he also brought Nicolas Cage to Baldur’s Gate 3. Tom Hanks or Taylor Swift were also slated to appear in this universe. Therefore, we can say that the possibilities for creating characters are almost endless.

Every time I make an angry mockery, Tav calls everyone an ass.
by/Jirkislo in BaldursGate3

Source : Zing

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