Bethesda introduced The Elder Scroll Castles

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Bethesda is official she announced their new name is The Elder Scroll Castles. After games like Fallout Shelter and Mighty Doom. this is another mobile game, targeting iOS and Android. We first learned about The Elder Scroll Castles in September last year, when the game was released in a test version in the Philippines as part of the so-called soft launch. However, the company has only now begun the official presentation in the main regions.

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It represents the first phase pre-registration launch, through which you can request early access to the game. However, we do not yet know the exact launch dates in individual regions and the details of the testing process. From a content perspective, developers are interested in creating their own dynasty. We also learned that one day in the real world will mean one year in the game, during which individual residents will be born and, conversely, die. Rulers must also change gradually.

Source :Indian TV

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