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Dear readers, we listened to your opinion and revised ours in accordance with it. bell. This was also the reason why they were not working in the last few days. notifications about new articles.

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To explain what happened, we encountered a bug in our code during the Christmas holidays. Notification of new articles did not work for readers who registered through other networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Discord…) and did not provide a password with us. We have fixed this bug, and notifications now work the same for everyone. However, these users wondered what the news was and loudly criticized it.

There was a lot of negative feedback, so we decided to redesign the system. This morning the notifications returned. In addition, in your account settings you will find the opportunity to customize notifications to your liking.

Notifications about new articles are turned on for everyone. If for some reason they do not suit you and you want to use the bell only to notify you of replies to your comments, just click on your avatar in the upper right and go to the section Account settings (or click here). There you’ll find site settings and the option to turn off notifications for Indian, NerdFix, and TechFeed. Additionally, you can only save article alerts for one of our three sites.

There you will also find a change in the notification sound, as well as the ability to turn off sound effects.

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Source :Indian TV

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