Prison Architect 2 brings the popular prison simulator to 3D – INDIAN

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Paradox Interactive today surprised us with the presentation of the second part of the popular prison simulator. Prison Architect 2 from the British studio Double Eleven will in 3D and will be released on March 26 this year on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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In addition to the early release date, its price is also surprising. This amount was set at 40 euros (just under 1000 Czech crowns). The game was created from scratch in 3D and will allow us to Build your own prisons, then manage and upgrade them in classic Prison Architect style.. You can design every corner of the prison and manage everything from the daily routine to the rules. At the same time, you must provide make your prison safe, self-sufficient and reliable.

Thanks to 3D we can build on several floors. Prison design will impact every aspect of our inmates’ lives. They have different relationships, desires and needs. You’ll watch how they interact with each other and how they try to navigate the daily challenges of your prison. Each choice you make can help prisoners on their path to reform or complicate it. It’s up to you to decide what kind of experience your prisoners will have in your prison. You will control prisoners, prison rules, architecture and much more.

Career mode will be improved and will take place on a completely new map. While you wait for more information, check out the first trailer and images. Let’s hope that the transition to 3D will be successful; more than one game has paid for it.

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Source :Indian TV

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