Frostpunk 2 beckons with challenging survival. Plus it will be on Game Pass – INDIAN

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After the teaser trailer on PC Gaming Show Most Wanted, we can finally watch the full gameplay trailer for the survival strategy game. Frostpunk 2. The continuation of the successful game will again challenge players to survive in very difficult conditions of the frosty winter. 30 years after the big storm.

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Frostpunk 2 continues to focus on the story of people facing harsh realities. As is often the case in life, some people have more driving force than others, but when you’re trying to ensure the sustainability and survival of your city, that force doesn’t bring much relief.

As a leader, you will oversee an ever-expanding metropolis and carefully consider the needs and demands of its society. You will have to deal with a lot. Your people are concerned about the fate of their children and street crimes. People complain of unbearable suffering, exacerbated by industrial growthm, but at the same time they need places where they can work.

Other problems arise when you can’t afford to reward their hard work with food and shelter or care for their health. We can’t please everyone in this cruel world, and when radical groups begin to emerge, it only takes a small spark to ignite simmering tensions.

You can be your own city more and individual neighborhoods have different purposes, including industrial and scientific. You have to make all parts of the city work in harmony with each other, like cogs in a giant resource-intensive machine.

Today we also learned that Frostpunk 2 will be released in the first half of this year on PC and will be available for subscription on the same day. PC Game Pass. It will later be released for Xbox Series X/S and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. A version for PlayStation 5 has also been announced, but no date has been given. We should expect more additions from the 11-bit studios’ portfolio to Game Pass later.

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