The new battlefield promises to bring the most realistic destruction

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Developers from the DICE studio are currently still working on additional support for Battlefield 2042, where the seventh season will soon be released. However, a significant part of the team, in collaboration with other studios under the Electronic Arts banner, must simultaneously devote themselves to new work. The sequel to the acclaimed action film is also mentioned in a new announcement from Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA) for a VFX director.

The description indicates that a potential new team member will be able to participate in the creation at all. the most realistic and interesting destruction effects in the gaming industry. In the past, handling the destruction of objects, especially buildings, was one of the main strengths of the hallmark of the Battlefield series. The third and fourth installments or spin-off Bad Company 2 were primarily based on destruction.

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However, later installments, led by the most recent Battlefield 2042, did not develop this element significantly. Let’s see if the upcoming sequel can change this trend. The ad mentioned at least suggests as much. However, you need to consider the fact that you are probably on the next Battlefield. we’ll wait a few more years.

Source :Indian TV

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