The new Battlefield will have the most realistic destruction effects – INDIAN

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After the disastrous Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts has high hopes for the new game. They create three studios Battlefield as a platform that can take on Call of Duty and fill the gaps in the competition. One of the teams – Ripple Effects Studio, which is working on a standalone version of Battlefield. This experience is designed to develop and complement the foundations of the series.

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We learned about ambitions from a new job advertisement. Ripple Effect Studio is looking for a visual effects director. His task will be to help create the most realistic and interesting destruction effects in the industry. The new Battlefield will obviously improve upon the destruction physics that the previous installments were based on.

Ripple Effect Studios was formerly known as DICE Los Angeles and acted as a support group for other studios, including those working on Battlefield 2042. It is now a full-fledged studio. Future Battlefield multiplayer consists of v DICEwhile the single player campaign rules Ridgeline GamesThe company was founded by Markus Lehto (designer and co-creator of Halo). Vince Zampella, founder of Infinity Ward and Respawn, is overseeing everything.

We still don’t know when the future of Battlefield will be revealed. Meanwhile, support for Battlefield 2042 continues. The multiplayer first-person shooter is now in its sixth season.

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Source :Indian TV

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