Zelda was a best-seller in Japan last year, but foreign games didn’t make the top 10

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Game sales in Japan in 2023 have traditionally been dominated by local games, or more specifically games from Nintendoon which you play Switch. The physical copy sales ranking was published by Famitsu magazine.

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First place was unsurprisingly taken by the newest addition to the series. The Legend of Zelda With subtitles Tears of the Kingdom. Boxes of one of the most successful games of the year are almost sold out in Japan 2 million. The rest of the top ten is also dominated by Nintendo games, including last year’s winners. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet And Platoon 3.

Other Japanese publishers also represented – Konami with his variation on “Momotaro Dentetsu World’s Monopoly: The Earth Spins with Hope” and Enix Square from Dragon Quest Monsters 3: Journey of the Demon Prince and the Elf. The first foreign title is the eleventh. mine craftbut again in the Switch version.

Hardware revenue increased more than 27% year-over-year, with the Nintendo Switch accounting for the largest share with 4 million units sold. The PlayStation 5 sold about 2.5 million units, and the Xbox Series just over 140,000. On the other hand, revenue from physical software sales fell 18%.

Japan remains with an estimated turnover of $20 billion. third largest gaming market after China and the USA. It also strengthens the rest of the East Asian region.

Source :Indian TV

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