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The original Prince of Persia is a nostalgic trip back to my childhood for me. Of course I respect the way the series has developed. Story The sands of Time or Eliks from 2008 were amazing, with a dueling system and dark touches. Warrior inside etche is Two Thrones was impressive too. But I still somehow missed a proper and inflated 2D jumper. And this is where I embraced it with great enthusiasm.

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It’s time to open the book One Thousand and One Nights, because that’s where the original father of the series, Jordan Mechner, and the creative team from Ubisoft Montpellier. It is these creators who are, for example, behind the entire Rayman series and the game. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown their experience is felt at every step. Don’t worry, we will discuss this in detail. But now we have another problem. Persia is in danger! crown prince Hassan he was kidnapped by a traitor to the empire. However, none other than a group of heroes called the Immortals can save him!

The main character of the game this time is not a prince, but a warrior named Sargon. The game begins on the battlefield and Sargon, along with other members of the elite group of heroes Immortals, fights off the enemy army, and our main character kills the general himself. However, during the celebration of the victory, the real Prince of Persia, Hassan, is kidnapped. Footprints lead to the mythical mountain Kaf. In Middle Eastern mythology, you will find this mountain as the birthplace of the jinn, and this may already indicate that strange things will happen there. And for fans of the 3D trilogy about the sands, I’ll tell you right away that time will play a role in it.

The Lost Crown essentially takes the best from the entire series. From the first parts this is exactly the basic gameplay of a 2D jumper. From the Sands of Time trilogy, it not only plays with space-time, but also puts a lot of emphasis on an elaborate combat system. Of course, if you’re more of a fan of the 2008 remake of the series, then you’ll once again find a step towards many real-life mythological references. However, the developers were not afraid of originality either. For example, in the very inclusion of the game. She’s the most similar metroidvaniabut with a greater emphasis on plot.

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