Forz Motorsport is getting major improvements and new content this year – INDIAN

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New Forza Motorsport it was released in October in a state that was heavily criticized by fans. While it may seem that Turn 10 is happy with the game and has no plans to change anything, the developers are collecting feedback to improve the racing game.

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Players complain loudly about the online game being full of cheaters, boring single player mode and poor optimization. Improvements to Forzy Motorsport will continue this year with new content added. In turn 10, he will especially shed light on three most frequently criticized points. The progress of the car comes first. According to the creators, this is a system that separates players.

“Many of our players enjoy the system as it stands, many others have not seen the improvements they expect from Forzy Motorsport.” they declare. “We are considering making changes to correct this. Our goal is to maintain the elements people love while addressing the issues that many of our most loyal players face.” In other words, they want both groups to be satisfied.

“Taking into account this feedback is a top priority for the team this year, but it will take some time to properly evaluate options, make necessary code changes, and test them thoroughly.” they warn

The second most frequently criticized point is racing rules system. In some situations this does not work as expected. In the reviews, the authors read about inconsistently applied penalties for deliberately hitting opponents or pushing them off the road.

“We have also heard that high-speed collisions sometimes result in no fines, while low-speed collisions receive lenient penalties.” they list problems. In this regard, they want to work with experienced motorsport players to collect telemetry data during the game and be able to evaluate everything.

The third most frequently criticized area is artificial intelligence of competitors. These include sudden braking and deceleration, under-acceleration when exiting corners, strange track marks, over-aggressiveness in Turn 1, etc. For Turn 10, they hope to fix the overly aggressive AI earlier this year. When exactly has not been established.

As you can see, we just found out what will be fixed, but we no longer know when it will happen. The community has criticized this approach, saying that Forza Motorsport should have remained in development and testing for several more months.

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Source :Indian TV

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