Twitch is very big. The number of employees is reduced by 500 people – INDIAN

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Despite the presence Twitch With over 35 million viewers daily, the streaming platform has confirmed the big release. Yesterday he lost his job 500 employeeswhich represents 35% of all company employees.

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“I regret to inform you that we are taking the painful step of laying off 500 people,” CEO Dan Clancy said. Twitch can’t seem to generate enough revenue and the company is bigger than it should be. Affected employees will receive severance pay.

Concluding his report, Clancy said that Twitch paid out over a billion dollars to streamers last year..

Let’s remember that Dan Clancy became the CEO of Twitch in March last year and immediately after his appointment he fired four hundred people. Twitch, like other companies, expanded significantly during the pandemic, where there was a significant increase in content and viewership. But with the return to normalcy, the numbers have dropped.

Hundreds of employees have also been laid off at Prime Video and MGM Studios in recent hours.

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Source :Indian TV

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