Designer, artist and activist Jennell Jacais dies

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Veteran game developer dies at 67 Jennell Jacques. Her wife, Rebecca Heineman, said in a statement.

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Jacquet has been active in the gaming industry since the early 1980s, but began as an enthusiast and creator of tabletop role-playing games. He is behind the development of campaigns that are still popular today. Dark tower, Caves of Thrace And Treasure Map Book For Dungeons and Dragons.

Already at the end of the seventies, as an external illustrator, she contacted Koleko Industrieswhere she subsequently spent five years and participated, among other things, in the beginning of the series. Donkey Kong. After this, she struck out on her own again and signed on as a designer for a number of games, including role-playing games. The Lord of the Rings Volume 1 from Interplay.

Within five years she also joined forces with Identification software. As a level designer you Quake II And III, Commander Keen, Rock And wolfenstein 3D. She later worked externally on Age of Empires III And Hello Wars.

Jennell Jacques she was also a human rights activist. As a trans woman, she was the creative director of the Transgender Rights Institute in Seattle. She campaigned for a petition in support of the so-called Leela’s Law ban on “treatment” of LGBT+ people. Following President Obama’s support in 2015, a number of US states passed the law.

Source :Indian TV

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