Czech studio CrazyTankers is bringing the game about Panzerkampf tanks closer

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In an interview with magazine, developers from the Czech studio CrazyTankers revealed a lot of information about their future tank game Panzerkampf. We first informed you about the title at the end of the year, when a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Startovaci, where the authors are currently they have already collected more than 23 thousand euros. At the same time, there are still 32 days left until the end of the campaign.

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For example, in a recently published interview, the developers said that the game created based on the Unity3D engine for more than 3 years now. But the team itself has been developing MMO games for more than 10 years. At the same time, studio representatives draw attention to the individual differences between their game and the popular World of Tanks:

“Panzerkampf in the full version is a completely different game. Our goal is to provide players with a clear and intuitive user interface and, above all, an excellent gaming experience. In addition to World War II-era tanks, later in a separate part of the game, players will have the opportunity to fight with modern-era tanks. Thus, Panzerkampf will finally contain two games in one. We have a different, very clear development system in the game, a different way of improving the crew and equipment and their modules.

We will introduce our own system of clans and clan wars. We have a different monetization structure and a whole range of different game components. After the release of the full version of the game, new game modes will be introduced (Team Flag Conquest, we are considering Death Match (rebirth), Battle Royale and others not available in current games). The experimental “fairytale” visualization of the environment in the demo is just the beginning. The visualization of the game will gradually be brought to a photorealistic level, both in terms of battle maps and in terms of the equipment presented in the game.” written by the developers.

The authors further confirmed that from a monetization perspective bet on the free-to-play model. In terms of the release date, the developers are talking about the summer of this year, when the first version should be released on PC. However, in the future the game may be released on consoles. Additional information can be found directly on the pages of the magazine

Source :Indian TV

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