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Three years of tedious wandering through mud and snow did not stop entertaining the players. This is largely due to the honest and regular additional content provided by the developers from the Saber Interactive studio. SnowRunner. But after new maps, vehicles and tasks, it’s time to prepare for scientific expeditionswhich are equally demanding, but different in many ways.

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Welcome to Expeditions: MudRunner game. Here you exchange delivery of heavy cargo for exploration of complex terrain. You’ll once again have to wade through mud, cross treacherous swamps and try to cross water without getting your SUV, SUV, heavy duty truck or highway truck wet. The difference is that this time you have the latest gadgets at your disposal, which will often save you.

In addition to the classic winch, this is an invaluable assistant. drone with camera, with which you can fly around the surrounding area and find, for example, a way out of a deep canyon or find out how to get to a designated place. In some cases, binoculars will be enough. Upon activation echo sounder on the contrary, you can know the depth of the water, you can use anchors when climbing difficult slopes, and a jack can put your overturned car on its wheels. These are the tools that SnowRunner players would give all their hard earned money for. But when it comes to expeditions, it’s not just about expensive gadgets. Sometimes the only way to get out of the mud is change tire pressure.

In all cases, the basis is to have the right shoes and gradually improve your car with a more powerful engine or a better gearbox, just like its predecessor. We could try all of this in preview. After about seven hours of play, you can tell we fought, we often felt at a loss, but we still enjoyed the scientific expeditions. The authors call them the new SnowRunner concept. We would call them evolution.

If you loved the original game, Expeditions will captivate you not only with new maps, challenges, and equipment, but also with improvements inside. We immediately noticed better graphics and a more complex physics engine. As a result, mud and hill climbs look better and the wheels are more likely to sink into the mud and disappear into the water. The sounds are also improved and that’s the icing on the cake. clearer user interface. This simplifies the selection of the necessary equipment.

The preview version featured the training ground, all five missions from the Little Colorado region, and one mission each from the Arizona Arid Desert and the Carpathian Forest. The first region was easy, but the rest showed the harsh face of this genre. Even during expeditions, no one will lead you by the hand, and you will have to figure everything out on your own. How? That you will try, look for ways and think about how to get to the goal as easily as possible. Here, more than ever, the shortest path may not be the easiest.

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