We’re already working on a review of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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According to the authors of the game from the Japanese studio Ryu Ga Gotoku, this part of their series (formerly known as Yakuza) is the largest and longest. Therefore, we were very pleased when the verification code arrived in advance. So we could start playing as early as three weeks before the game came out.

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This will allow us to catch all the Sujimon (a local variation of Pokemon, only instead of cute monsters you catch dangerous mobs), spend an extra portion on building and caring for our own paradise island in the “mini-game” Dondoko Island (very reminiscent of Animal Crossing), participate in all sorts of wild gangs, karaoke parties, dates, and countless other optional but cool side activities that this series is so famous for. But of course, what we’re most interested in is the continuation of the extremely strong main story, which sees both of the series’ main characters, Kiryu and Ichiban, fully reunited this time. This time, their journey takes them outside of Japan for the first time, to the beautiful but treacherous city of Honolulu, Hawaii.

So you can count on us for a timely review, although we can’t comment on the exact date yet.

Source :Indian TV

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