In December, Blizzard banned more than 270 thousand accounts in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft has long had a problem with players using various illegal toys in it. The community has long been calling on Blizzard to crack down on this part of the gaming community. She finally got around to it. In a short period, the company blocked more than 270,000 accounts. The company decided to take this step in December 2023, thanks to which, like Valve or other companies,”she did“right under the tree.

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She officially commented on this step as follows: “All of these measures have been linked to fraud or abuse, which generally results in permanent bans or six-month suspensions. This does not include other actions, such as actions taken against accounts that violate character names or game language.Her move was positively received by a significant part of the gaming community. However, there are those who don’t like it. A certain number of commentators clearly do not believe that Blizzard has actually achieved its goals. Others see the move as a short-term matter. Regardless, it’s good that World of Warcraft players are taking some time off. The question is for how long.

Source :Indian TV

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