Players Can Buy Unreleased Star Citizen Pack for Minimum 1.3 Million CZK – INDIA

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A controversial and slightly controversial simulator of space combat and trading. Star Citizen comes with another curiosity. Developers from the studio Cloud games Imperium they’ve unveiled a giant pack of spaceships that will be coming to the game sometime in the first quarter of this year. But reason remains above its price.

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According to the official website, the Legatus 2953 collection costs exactly 54,014.40 euros, that is, more than 1.3 million crowns in terms of conversion. The package is reported to include over 175 ships from all major manufacturers and includes all ships produced and designed before 2953.

“This allows every fleet commander to create a lasting legacy and lead humanity to a brighter future,” presented by the creators of the game.

However, IGN suggests that not everything is so simple with the price. According to him, the package is only available to players who have reached a certain level in the Chairman’s Club organization, which requires spending at least $10,000 (converted to CZK 225,000) on other in-game items. Cloud Imperium Games itself is still waiting for the pricing model to be clarified.

Once we’ve come to terms with the price – let’s face it, Counter-Strike 2 skins, for example, also make a lot of money – we’re faced with another bizarre fact. Namely Star Citizen it has not yet been officially released, and currently only alpha versions are available to those interested..

Quite logically, a question might arise like “Who will buy this?”, but believe me, there are plenty of interested parties. The game’s top fans aren’t afraid to spend big bucks on overpriced packages, as evidenced by data from the CCU Game tracker, which shows players have collected over $117.5 million (over 2.6 billion crowns) for the title through 2023..

Star Citizen has been running an active crowdfunding campaign since 2012, and only last year can be considered the most successful year for the game in terms of revenue. In addition, for six years in a row we can say that the game is receiving more and more money from people – since 2017, sales have been growing every year. In total, the game managed to collect more than $658 million (14.1 billion crowns) from five million different accounts..

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Source :Indian TV

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