7 Gaming New Year’s Resolutions You’ll NEVER Keep

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New Year is here. And do you know what that means? Yes, there are a lot of unfulfilled resolutions. Like this that we will play more. Adults know this well enough, and we repeat it over and over again every year. It just has to come out this year! Not some exercise and exploration, that’s what everyone wants in the new year – this year we’ll finally find time for ourselves, our dusty slot machines and favorite games. We’ll shed a few hectoliters of enemy blood, I’ll build an empire, or we’ll finally defeat that final boss who tore our veins out so long ago.

In short, year after year we tell ourselves that we will play more, and yet we find time in our lives to sit down, quietly play and do nothing. And how does this usually happen? Well, the matter slipped away. I’m struggling to cope with my responsibilities, and the next year is a complete mess. And then we hope again and again for the next one. Because that should fill us up, right? Right?!

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