Star Citizen developers are selling a pack of ships for more than a million crowns

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The ambitious MMO Star Citizen, which has been in development for many years, allows players even in its current form of development buy individual spaceships in the form of packages. However, it definitely doesn’t come cheap. For example, some time ago a minelayer ship created a stir, for which developers from the Roberts Space Industries studio asked $675. In addition, the ship began to be sold at a time when the game did not allow mines to be placed.

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However, the recently released package called Legatus 2953 Ship Pack surpasses all previous records for its price and we can safely call it one of the most expensive DLC in the history of games. His price 48 thousand dollars, which means more than a million crowns. In addition, it can only be purchased by members of the so-called Chairman’s Club who have already spent at least a thousand dollars in the game. In terms of content, it offers the addition of all 175 spaceships released so far.

Developers have offered similar ultimate packages in the past. But their prices have never risen this high. In addition to Star Citizen, Roberts Space Industries is also working on a separate single-player campaign called Squadron 42, which begins to take on more realistic dimensions and it may come out in the foreseeable future.

Source :Indian TV

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