Make purchases on PlayStation or Xbox even without a payment card

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PlayStation Membership and Wallet Top-up

Game Coupons offers various products for PlayStation lovers. There are currently 4 different coupons you can purchase in the store. You can, for example, subscribe to them PlayStation Membership. It is available in several variants: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium.

Membership PS Plus it has many advantages. It can always be purchased for either 1 month (ideal for anyone who wants to try membership first) or 3 months at a time. Basic version is available from CZK 235 per month. Already with this option, you will have access to 2 free games every month, 100 GB of cloud storage, online play of games that support it, and PS Store discounts and benefits. If you choose the more advanced PlayStation Plus Extra subscription, which costs from CZK 365 per month, you will also have access to, among other things, a library of 400 games for PS 4 and PS 5 (with the premium subscription there are hundreds of games even from older consoles , such as the legendary PS 1 or PSP). Premium subscription is available from CZK 445 per month.

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If you’re not interested in a subscription, Game Coupons has another product for you. Coupon to top up your account PlayStation Wallet. Wallet credit can be redeemed for free on the PlayStation Store. With its help, you can buy not only games, but also accessories for them. You can top it up with an amount from 100 to 2000 CZK. With your wallet full, you’re ready for all the new discounts in the Store!

Xbox Prepaid Card and Xbox Subscription

Game coupons are also offered Xbox Subscription. Among the most famous is Xbox Live Gold, which opens the door to a huge community of online gamers. You can play all your favorite games online. There’s also a new Xbox Game Pass that lets you play exclusive new Xbox games on release day. Game Pass also has a library of games that you can play for free. You can purchase Game Pass for 3 or 6 months. The basic option for 3 months will cost you 729 CZK.

If you want to buy a new game on Xbox or give someone the opportunity to choose a new game, this will come in handy. Xbox card. You no longer need a payment card to purchase a specific game. Xbox gift cards can be purchased in amounts ranging from CZK 150 to CZK 1,500. You can choose the amount that suits you. New games will be available to you in a few minutes!

Buy console coupons for PlayStation or Xbox even without a credit card.

All coupons can be paid flexibly. Paying by card is a given, but Game Coupons offers other payment methods. For example, you can pay by bank transfer or in cash at Sazka terminals. The coupon will be sent to your email immediately after the payment is processed.

Memberships, subscriptions and wallet replenishment coupons also make good gifts. If you want to surprise a loved one, you can select the “Gift Wrap” option in the game coupons when placing your order. The coupon will physically arrive within 2-3 days and you can happily give it as a gift for your birthday or Christmas. The great thing is that this is a truly flexible gift: the recipient chooses which game to play. Plus, you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong gift for your loved one.

Game Coupons is the official seller of all coupons offered. The offered coupons are localized for Czech accounts. You will certainly appreciate the Czech-language customer support that is available if you are unsure about applying a coupon. So don’t hesitate and buy a coupon that will make you happy!

Source :Indian TV

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