Silent Hill 2 remake should be completed in terms of content – INDIAN

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At the end of November, developers from the Polish studio Blueber’s Team they asked for more patience while waiting for new information about Remake of Silent Hill 2. Unfortunately, today we also have nothing officially available.

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Insider Dusk Golem is trying to calm everyone down. According to him, the game is complete and is being finalized. Only part of the team is responsible for this. The rest moved to a new project using Unreal Engine 5 and planned for 2025.

This is likely a previously announced project in collaboration with Private Division (a division of Take-Two). This is stated in a message from the Polish agency, which confirmed that Bloober Team has received funding to develop another game.

The release of the Silent Hill 2 remake and other information are already available. on Konami. Most are convinced that the game will be released this year on PC and PlayStation 5. The Japanese company will have no reason to delay anything. The community is hopeful for the first half of the year.

Bloober Team wants to become the king of the horror genre. The creators of Observer (2017), Layers of Fear 2 (2019), Blair Witch (2019) and The Medium (2021) intend to push the envelope and tell horror stories using more fast-paced action than environmental storytelling. More action in the upcoming psychological survival horror to better compete with big brands like Resident Evil, The Last of Us and Hellblade. In addition, the creators promise larger, more complex and thoughtful games.

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Source :Indian TV

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