In Starfield, thanks to the modification, you will be able to pilot giant mechs.

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Players can also encounter robots as they travel through Bethesda’s sprawling sci-fi RPG Starfield. They are, for example, found in factories, museums or landfills as a kind of relic of the past. By the time Starfield takes place, the use of mechs is already prohibited. However, the developers used mechs in some promotional materials and in the lore of the game itself. In reality, however, you can only see mosses. This solves this limitation new modificationwhich allows you to mount and pilot mechs.

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Its author, Jared Core, presents the form of his modification in the video attached below. Our review will offer you more detailed information about the game itself. In addition to interesting modifications and upcoming additional content directly from Bethesda, Starfield has also been discussed recently in connection with its unexpected victory in the Steam Awards poll, where the game took first place. Most Innovative Gameplay Award.

Source :Indian TV

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