Resident Evil 4 Remake on iPhone 15 Pro in Digital Foundry test

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Apple has plans to bring AAA games from PCs and consoles to its mobile devices, and already at last year’s conference as part of the presentation of the iPhone 15 series (they are only available on the iPhone 15 Pro), we saw the announcement of several of them. Capcom had to port the most because that year we got both Resident Evil Village and, at the very end of the year, Resident Evil 4 Remake. And this is something that Digital Foundry’s Oliver McKenzie has now explained in a video.

Unlike RE8, the fourth installment on mobile doesn’t offer any more granular settings, and its features are similar to those on console, but you really only have one mode for visual quality and performance. However, visually the game is not bad at all, in comparison it is quite close to the PS4 version of the game, which, although greatly degraded compared to the PS5 version, still looks quite solid. The lighting is very similar, the textures are the same (although they are a little worse) and we can go on from there.

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But all this ruins the image quality – the game is rendered at around 300p and then upscaled to 720p using MetalFX (technology directly from Apple). The result is very grainy shadows or strong artifacts almost anywhere that anything moves, such as even Leon’s hair.

Source: Digital Foundry

The frame rate isn’t exactly ideal either. The game is of course locked at 30 FPS, but the lock itself has an unstable frame rate, so the time between frames sometimes jumps between 33 and 16 milliseconds. However, a more serious problem is the short-term but large-scale drops in FPS that you can encounter in some places, as well as stuttering (however, this is also present in other versions). In more demanding environments, the frame rate is quite unstable and can fluctuate just below 30 FPS.

However, the game does have one advantage over the PS4 version. We’re talking about a loading time of around 7 seconds, which is about one-sixth of the loading time of the PlayStation 4. But like RE8, you’ll need a gamepad on mobile as touch controls are nearly unusable.

Overall, McKenzie says this is a gaming port that iPhone 15 Pro users will be able to enjoy. It’s a better conversion than RE8, but you still have to consider some pretty significant trade-offs.

Source :Indian TV

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