The creators of The Sinking City are preparing a new version and DLC. Game 90% discount – INDIAN

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The lawsuit between Nacon and Frogwares has been settled. Ukrainian development studio. frogsknown mainly for detective adventures from the world of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, acquired all rights to the game Sinking City and is the sole publisher of this Lovecraftian mystery/horror novel on all platforms, including PC.

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You may remember March 2021. Less than two years after the game’s release, Frogwares accused Nacon of selling an illegal copy of The Sinking City on Steam. The French company defended the allegations, saying that Frogwares was once again sabotaging their investment in the game. Representatives of Frogwares, among other things, stated that Nacon should pay them for the sales of the game achieved. According to Frogwares, Nacon was also supposed to obtain a version of the game from Gamesplanet, hack it and sell it on Steam without the developers’ consent.

After public mudslinging, the dispute was settled for a long time. Today Frogwares announced that they are the exclusive publisher of the game. Fans will be delighted because the Ukrainian studio has big plans for The Sinking City. is on the way a new version, which will include all previous fixes and optimizations, as well as some other things. If you have already played the game, please complete it because on February 28th, the old versions on PC will cease to exist and will be replaced by new ones. This will not be compatible with old saved positions.

The update will be available in the next few days. Then they arrive additional content Merciful Madness. We don’t know anything about this at the moment, but for those who have already beaten the game and don’t want to start over due to the DLC, Frogwares will provide their own save.

You can now buy The Sinking City on Steam with a 90% discount for 4 euros (100 CZK). The game contains Czech subtitles. We will learn more about the future of the Sinking City later.

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Source :Indian TV

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