Escape the terrifying Mickey Mouse in survival shooter Infestation 88 – INDIAN

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The original version of the popular children’s character will be available to use anywhere, anyhow, from January 1, 2024. Mickey Mouse from a short animated film Steamboat Willie it is state owned. The developers from Nightmare Forge wasted no time in introducing the world. Infection 88A co-op episodic survival horror game that also features the first Mickey Mouse.

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In Infestation 88, one to four players become fighters and face the horrors of all sorts of monsters, including the very dangerous Mouse, which they will have to flee from. There may be other famous characters that you might not expect here in the future.

“In 1988, what was thought to be a rodent epidemic in various places turned into something much more dangerous,” the authors of an independent studio reveal part of the story.

You are faced with a terrible entity, and it will be important for you to master the most effective methods of dealing with this abomination at different levels. It will be available private and public lobbiesDLSS support and replayability will support random item placement.

The game is scheduled to be released on Steam Early Access this year. The developers will gradually add new content (new enemies, new locations, new mechanics or new equipment). They want the full version in six to twelve months.

We remind you that the first-person shooter Mouse is also being developed for PC.

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Source :Indian TV

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