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Voting and rating our and your rankings of this year’s best games once again reminded me of how extremely busy this gaming year has been, likely mainly due to many studios catching up with development slow and challenging during pandemics in the past. years. Thanks to this, not only did we get a ton of new games, but most importantly, some of them entered the hall of fame almost immediately, pushing the entire video game medium a little further in terms of technical and artistic aspects. You can remind yourself of this in both our editorial ratings and your reader ratings… or in our special podcast dedicated to several overlooked games.

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But as we set up our inspection schedule for the first few months of the new year, it doesn’t look like we’re in for a downturn. JRPG fans in particular (of which I count myself) will have an absurdly busy next few months, as we expect much of the Like a Dragon series to be released in quick succession to the very promising, eight-year-old in-development JRPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink. the coveted remake of Persona 3 Reloaded and the even more coveted remake/sequel of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. It’s not just otakus who may be planning a vacation in the coming months, as others will enjoy, for example, the strategy game New Cycle, the comic action film Suicide Squad, or the impressive ghost drama Banished: Ghosts of New Eden. So we are already really looking forward to the new gaming year and will again try to serve you as best as possible with reviews and news.

Jan Urbanczyk

2023 has arrived and it has been a truly successful 12 months from a video game perspective. One great thing came out after another, and everyone probably found a few of their favorites. However, as for December, like last month, the publishing house still went into slow mode, and of the big titles we only had Avatar, which, although I was very interested in the visual aspect, took into account the fact that I was not very attracted to game, it’s hard to say whether I’ll get there. I’ve played the DLC for God of Ragnarök, but I have very few downloads so I can’t judge yet.

I spent most of December studying for tests and exams (which I luckily passed), but when I wanted something to play, I reached for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (preview here), a remaster of volumes four through six legal visual novel/adventure Ace Attorney, which is one of my favorite game series. I’ve already finished volume four (Apollo’s Judgment) and am now nearing the end of Twin Fates. But I mostly play AA on the Steam Deck OLED, where the display makes the game look incredibly beautiful, not to mention I can downsample its resolution from 4K to 720p, which makes the text, all the characters, and the background very clear.

December review by aceattorney 1

At the same time, The Game Awards took place in December, where we saw a number of interesting announcements (personally, I would highlight No Rest for the Wicked, Exodus or a remake of The Brothers). That same day I went to Prague where the GDS event was taking place over two days. You can learn more about this in the report or podcast. At the same time, I met with the head of the Ashborne Games studio, Petr Kolář, an interview with him can be read here.

What about January? Well, for me personally, this is one of the busiest months ever. The already mentioned trilogy Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming out, as well as the magnificent metroidvania Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the remaster of TLOU 2 (where I’m tempted by the new roguelike mode), remakes of both parts of Another Code (these are games that I completely missed, but after After trying the demo, I was definitely interested) and a couple of survival strategies War Hospital and New Cycle.

Daniel Jarocki

In my case, December was mainly dedicated to the second Alan Wake, which I finally found time for. The game was able to exceed my already high expectations and take the top spot among the games released this year. I could highlight the technical side, the story and the creative game mechanics. But instead, I’ll just recommend that you experience the game for yourself. The less you know in advance, the more you will be surprised by the results.

December review by Alan Wake2 editor

Looking ahead to the first month of 2024, I will likely note some balances accumulated over the past year. Of the January games, the strategy I’m most looking forward to is War Hospital, which attracts me with its unconventional setting in a World War I infirmary and obvious inspiration from Frostpunk.

Pavlina Nouzova

At the end of the year, I ceremoniously played Starfield, in which I logged over 120 hours, and can once again throw myself into shorter chunks. In addition, I also tried out the very nice roguelike mode in God of War: Ragnarök, which the Santa Monica studio released for free. I struggled a bit with the instability of the DLC, but ended up enjoying it. Kratos and Mimir still make a good couple, and the use of motifs from the old “Greek” installments was a nice touch of nostalgia. And after that I couldn’t resist… and played Hades again, an absolutely brilliant roguelike. I also received an Asus ROG Ally from Jesus (to whom I thank again!), which I immediately loved.

God of War Valhalla 10 Receives 1 Editorial Review for December

Unlike others, I’m not really looking forward to it in January, so I’ll probably stick to the older games. Besides Hades, I also played Ghostwire Tokyo and Devil May Cry 5, but because of the Greek gods, I didn’t think much of it.

Ondrej Zeman

Another month has passed and it’s time to take a look at what has happened beyond it. Even though I expected to finally have more space to play what I “want” to play, it ended up being so much work that it was quite difficult to stop even for a while before Christmas. After I managed to beat Gothic 2 Complete Classic, the isometric role-playing game Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader immediately landed on the disc, and I must admit that it was a game in many ways comparable to BG3, it’s just a shame that the studio lost the fight against bugs . I then spent the final stretch of the month playing the strategy game Against the Storm, from which I occasionally managed to escape to the excellent action game Blood West and the tactical FPS Ready or Not.

Ready or not December 4 review

Long story short, the last month has been wild again. As for January 2024, I’m primarily looking forward to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown because it just fits into a genre that suits me well as a player. However, that’s not the only thing I’m looking forward to: I also see some potential in retro first-person shooter Graven or medieval action Rising Lords. But overall the way I see it is that I will focus more on board games because I will finally have more time for them. As part of my review, I would like to wish everyone all the best for the New Year in advance. First of all, good health, well-being and games without mistakes.

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