Modernized Switzerland in Euro Truck Simulator 2 looks tempting – INDIAN

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SCS Software reminds you of the work being done to improve the map with new images and a short video. European Truck Simulator 2. In particular, we are talking about Switzerlandwhich is next in line to modernize the vast world of this popular computer game.

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At the moment we don’t know when we’ll be driving on the redesigned and improved roads around the Swiss Alps. Instead, in addition to the environment, we are beckoned modernized weighing station. They serve as checkpoints where players check the vehicle and check its weight.

“Driving through the Alps requires more than just driving skills; it also requires compliance with safety requirements. The redesigned weigh stations are designed to enhance the realism of the game by incorporating these important elements to add a layer of authenticity to the virtual truck driving experience.” presented by Prague studio.

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Source :Indian TV

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