GTA V leak reveals names of never-released single-player DLC – INDIAN

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On Tuesday we wrote about another leak refers to the Grand Theft Auto video game series. According to a number of sources, the source code of the latest batch, stolen in September 2022 as part of a large-scale hacker attack on the studio, has leaked onto the Internet. Rockstar Games. In addition to the code itself and other details such as mention of a sequel to the hit Bully, the leak shed light on content that Grand Theft Auto V never arrived.

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GTA V’s single-player experience is now overshadowed by the more popular online mode. it has never been supplemented with any additional packages. This will make it completely different from many of today’s AAA games, which often rely on the presence of DLC to generate a large portion of their revenue. But that doesn’t mean Rockstar Games has never explored the issue of expansions or small bonus content packs. Vice versa.

According to the Insider Gaming server, they are part of a fresh leak. Grand Theft Auto V Single Player DLC Titles. A total of eight mentioned packages were found:

  • SP Kill Pack
  • SP Hunting Pack
  • SP Norman Park
  • Agent Trevor
  • Relationship Pack
  • Corporate package
  • Prologue DLC
  • Freedom V DLC

Some titles make it difficult to imagine what adventures await the player. But the latter could theoretically indicate that Rockstar they were considering returning to Liberty City. The so-called “Relationship Package” may intuitively give the impression that it will allow us to establish more than just friendly relations in Los Santos. It’s hard to say how much benefit the remaining DLC ​​will bring.

But we probably know the answer to the question “why didn’t any of these DLC come out for GTA V?” Already in 2017, the Game Informer server was dealing with this topic, to which the game design director reported that the development of a GTA V port for new generation game consoles and the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 were standing in the way of the game’s release. an extra round of money before there was no point in developers concentrating on anything else.

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