The journey of legendary Peter Molyneux’s controversial Godus simulator ends after ten years

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When I interviewed Peter Molyneux about his god simulator Godus seven years ago, he presented it as a game that still needed to breathe. Unfortunately, the legendary developer never made it, so his project ends its journey unreleased, ten years after the Kickstarter campaign began. Yes, it’s sad, but splitting Godus into two projects didn’t help either. According to them, the creators will no longer be able to support their work and therefore it will be removed from Steam. This news applies to both Godus and Godus Wars.

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However, the studio truly appreciates the incredible support from players over the past ten years. Then he thanks everyone. However, the community was not very happy with this move, as evidenced by the negative reviews, which are all very negative. The resulting backlash from the community is not surprising. Because Peter Molyneux doesn’t work on Godus every Friday and prefers to devote himself to other projects, and this particular work was created thanks to the support of the community. As a result, he promised her a lot, but did not fulfill anything.

Source :Indian TV

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