The creators of the medieval Czech action film “The Knight’s Progress” offer to try it for free

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Action RPG Knight’s Path is the latest from a pair of Czech developers whose dream was to create a medieval open-world game that places players in a space where how you control your sword determines your fate. These authors have big plans. However, in order to make them a reality, they decided to find a publisher who would help them realize their dreams. That is why the game Knight’s Path: The Tournament was released, which lasts about 2-3 hours.

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In it, the player becomes a beginner who is given the opportunity to participate in a local tournament. Eleven unique NPCs and a wide selection of equipment await you. As you travel, you will acquire new pieces of equipment and improve overall. The RPG Knight’s Path: The Tournament is currently only available on PC. Let’s hope that its authors can reach a wider range of players and find a publisher that will allow them to use the full potential of their imagination.

Source :Indian TV

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