The Epic Games store has adjusted its policy regarding blockchain games

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Mature content has never flourished on the Epic Games Store, but that’s not the case with blockchain games. It sounds a little paradoxical, but it’s true. Ratings agency ESRB has now thrown a pitchfork at the gaming company’s policies. It includes several games featured on this platform in the AO (Adults Only) category. But not because they contain explicit sexual content. This, of course, was not the reason for assigning such a rating. What was important in this case was the fact that both Gods Unchained and Striker Manager 3 were based on the concept of blockchain, associated with the ability to “generate money” in the game.

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The Epic Games Store immediately removed both games, but they were removed from the store only briefly. Indeed, the company decided to change its policy and allow the presence of AO titles if they contain a blockchain. The company commented on this step as follows: “We’ve updated the Epic Games Store content policy to allow AO-rated games to be released exclusively through the use of blockchain or NFT technology.However, according to the store, classic gambling, pornography or hateful content should remain outside its premises. This is an interesting move on Epic’s part. It should be noted that competitor Steam does not provide space for blockchain or NFTs.. However, it does not explicitly fight AO content.

Source :Indian TV

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