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Digital Foundry has chosen the games with the best graphics of 2023

Digital Foundry has chosen the games with the best graphics of 2023

The Digital Foundry editors have traditionally prepared a ranking of games with the best graphics this year. And that this time there really was plenty to choose from. A number of exclusively current-gen titles have begun to be released, and we’ve been able to see the first third-party games built on UE5. In the end, the games that were most impressive were the ones that used proprietary technology, but we’ll get to that later.

Expansion receives honorable mentions Burning Shores for Horizon Forbidden West (the base game was an overall winner last year), which took us to the clouds, a game about rock climbing Jusantwhich focuses on a simple art style with impressive lighting powered by UE5’s Lumen technology, Armored Core VI: Rubico’s Lightsn for a unique artistic direction, Metroid Prime Remasteredit’s incredible that it can run on Switch, and finally… Dead Space remakewhich relies on extremely impressive lighting.

In the ranking itself, he took tenth position. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which, despite all sorts of technical problems, manages to look beautiful. This was followed Final Fantasy XVI, which can also look very impressive, although not entirely consistent. He finished eighth RoboCop: Rogue City, according to Digital Foundry, the best example of Unreal Engine 5 this year, it can excellently use all three leading technologies: Lumen, Nanite and Virtual Shadow Maps. Capcom’s RE Engine games consistently look great, so it’s no surprise that they made the list. Remake of Resident Evil 4whose strengths include, for example, excellent character models with realistic hair.

In sixth and fifth place were games from a slightly different category. He held a lower position Hi-Fi Rushwhich relies on unique stylization and animation and is therefore very original. Super Mario Bros. Be surprised, where truly incredible things from a creative point of view are shown. And, as Alex Battaglia rightly points out, unlike many other Switch games, it doesn’t suffer from too many nicknames. He then finished just behind the podium. Spider-Man Marvel 2which builds on Insomniac’s previous games, but takes the quality to a higher level and, above all, is one of the best examples of ray tracing on consoles.

It was more or less clear with the top three, but the order itself was discussed by John Linneman, Alex Battaglia and Oliver McKenzie only on video. Cyberpunk 2077 has been placed at the bronze level (own RED Engine) with path tracking (with RT Overdrive mode), which took lighting to a completely different level, although of course it requires high performance. The first two solutions took especially long: however, Alan Wake 2 (Northlight’s own engine) ended up finishing second. with great environments, character models and, in terms of lighting, also path tracing.

The overall winner was one of the latest games of this year – Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (Snowdrop’s own engine). from Massive Entertainment. While DF’s editors agreed that Alan Wake 2 was the best in terms of graphics, given the game’s scale, Avatar still had the edge by a small margin. It offers the beautiful world of Pandora in a playable way and makes excellent use of ray tracing, unlike AW2 on consoles. No matter what platform you play Avatar on, you can expect an impressive visual experience.

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