The first details about the new RPG from the former creators of The Witcher – INDIAN

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In February, you could read on our website that the head of development of The Witcher 3, together with other former CD Projekt RED employees, founded the studio. Rebel Wolves. Now we learn the first details about the project of Konrad Tomaszkiewicz.

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Official information describes the project as a high-budget RPG set in a dark, open fantasy world. It is assumed that the game will mark the beginning of a story saga for PC and next-generation consoles. The developers use modern Unreal Engine 5.

A user of the social network X (Twitter) under the nickname Kurakasis undertook a large-scale search. The Polish team registered a trademark and domain. This lets us know what the title should be titled Dawnwalker: Origins.

The game was recently set to enter its alpha phase and was being worked on about a month ago. 100 people. Tomaszkiewicz has been able to afford expansion thanks to financial support from the Chinese company NetEase since 2022, but on the creative side the studio must remain independent.

According to job postings, Dawnwalker: Origins won’t be as gigantic as The Witcher. The game will take place in a huge open world and is expected to offer a variety of quests and focus on single story. In terms of scope, the game should be closer to the “Blood and Wine” expansion of the third “The Witcher”. Of course, the authors strive to revolutionize role-playing games.

When will we wait? Tomaszkiewicz did not indicate the year 2025 at the announcement. In addition to the director of The Witcher 3, Bartlomiej Havel (artistic director), Daniel Sadowski (director of the first Witcher) and Jakub Szamalek (screenwriter of Cyberpunk 2077) are also working on The Witcher 3. project.

At the same time, other experienced developers left CD Projekt RED. They founded the Dark Passenger studio and are preparing an action game in feudal Japan using Unreal Engine 5. It is expected that it will offer a first-person view, as well as PvP and PvE. Not to mention those who moved to competing Techland, where they tinker fantasy action role-playing game.

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