Will the new Foamstars be able to drown the popular Splatoon in a bubble bath? The developers themselves will tell us about this – INDIAN

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Get your surfboards ready, pump up your adrenaline and cheers for the foam! As crazy as it sounds, yes, yes. Foam stars you will literally make your way through mountains of bubbles and at the same time serve as an interesting means to victory itself! It’s about online team shootoutin which you and your teammates will try to literally taunt the opposing team.

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This title received its fair share of fame from publishers Square Enix at this year’s PlayStation Showcase and can be seen to be heavily inspired by many games. The developers made it their goal to study what they liked or what might work well and create something new. Thus Foamstars was born. A fast-paced team shooting combination where you fight each other in teams of four.. The graphic style has a typical anime atmosphere, everything is literally full of jokes and puns, and although the arsenal of weapons and characters is not that diverse, there is still plenty to choose from.

However, there is one huge similarity here, namely with the game Platoon. The latter uses chalk to move faster, into which the characters dive and quickly rush around the arena. It’s the same here, when each team uses its own type of foamwhich is not only acceleratesbut also allows transform terrain and slows down the enemy team.

As part of this mechanic, we asked ourselves a simple question. Why foam?

“There are two main reasons we chose foam. In fact, this is the very essence of the core gameplay. We wanted everything to be clearly visible. So that the eyes can track what is happening and where, and especially so that the players themselves can quickly and easily react to individual stimuli. What we consider to be important elements in such shootouts,” Kosuke Okatani, the game’s producer, told us.

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Source :Indian TV

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