Stills from canceled Red Faction bring back memories of the series – INDIAN

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Fans Red faction can hardly hold back tears looking at the works that artist JC Jongwon Park boasted about. He created them for an unnamed project, but looking at the images it should be clear to everyone that this was supposed to be the new Red Faction. In one of the works we see the iconic hammer logo. Elsewhere in the urban agglomeration, an armored vehicle collides with moss and a mysterious figure with a hammer.

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Concepts may be taken from Red Faction: Evolution. Rumors about the game surfaced a few years ago, and Nvidia indicated that it would support Ansel technology. There were rumors that it would be shown at E3 2019, but that never happened. The last work in this way remains Red Faction: Armageddon, released in 2011. But it could also be a direct continuation of Red Faction: Guerrilla, which the creators were working on back in the days of the original THQ, because Pak worked with THQ, and now with Deep Silver.

Whether it’s the first or second case, Red Faction is likely not in the works at the moment. Embracer Group (owner of THQ Nordic, Deep Silver…) due to financial problems Studio “Volya” is closed., which, in addition to Saints Row, was created by Red Faction. The studio survived the bankruptcy of its original owner, but not that. At the same time, the publisher assured that neither Red Faction nor Saints Row are dead brands.

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Source :Indian TV

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