Action from Brno, Glum and two exclusives included in the 10 worst games of 2023 – INDIAN

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The cooperative action game with Hollywood actors was included in the rating of the worst games of this year, compiled by Metacritic based on worldwide reviews. The list also includes two exclusive games.

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It’s about Crime Boss: Rockey City from developers from the Brno studio Ingame Studios. The game attracted co-op heists like Payday, but, unfortunately, it came out in terrible shape. However, several updates have been released since March, and in terms of quality and content, this Czech shooter is much better. More updates and expansions are planned for next year.

Stealth action adventure game reigns supreme The Lord of the Rings: Gollum with an average rating of 34 percent, although there have been worse games coming out lately, they unfortunately no longer make the list. Especially The Walking Dead: Fates And Skull Island: Rise of Kong. The first of those named has 29%, and the second even only 23%.

It ranks second in the official rankings. Memory 2 (35%) a Grayhill incident. These exclusives Quantum error for PlayStation 5 (40%) a Covenant: Order of High Men for PC (41%).

Personally, I’d chalk up the poor reception to another co-op game. Gangs of Sherwood from the world of Robin Hood. Here’s what the rating looks like:

  1. Lord of the Rings Gollum – 34%
  2. Memory 2 – 35%
  3. Greyhill incident – 38%
  4. Quantum error – 40%
  5. Testament of the Order of the Highly Human – 41%
  6. Rockey City Crime Boss – 43%
  7. Hellboy’s Web of Wyrd – 47%
  8. Sherwood Gangs – 48%
  9. Loop8 Summer of the Gods – 49%
  10. Updated gargoyles – 49%

What are the worst games you’ve played this year?

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